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“Al is a gifted writer who has the range and flexibility to step in on any number of projects. He’s also a creative adult, so he gets the business innately and never gets flustered, no matter the ever-shifting clients needs. Hire Al. I did and I will again.”

Tony Miller
VP, National Creative Director
DDB Canada

“I have known Al for over 20 years. We pitched a lot of new business together, won many, and had a lot of fun doing it. The one I still remember to this day is PEI Tourism. With no time, Al had to perform miracles, and miracles he did. Al is not only a great creative person but also has a good business sense. He is also very good with clients and knows how to partner with them. Al is a Swiss army knife. Whatever needs to be done, over and above, or just the creative, Al will make it happen.”

Serge Rancourt
CEO, Co-founder NFA

“Al hired me, and taught me. Then I hired him. And he taught me some more.  And if, as you read this you are considering hiring Al too, I would say do so with confidence. He will listen, he will question, he will care, and he will create work that will work.”

Simon Creet
CCO, The Hive Inc

“As President of our advertising association, | worked wjth Al for many years. Our budget was approximately $18M per year and Al provided us with great creative ideas on a consistent basis.

Al is a very talented guy on many levels. Bring him a business problem, he’ll respond with a creative solution that people are drawn to every time. A few years back, Al was forced to deal with a serious personal problem in a very public way. Watching Al respond to that challenge, I can now add ‘courage’ to his considerable list of attributes and I’m proud to recommend him.”

James D McManes BA LLB
President — McManes Automotive

“I have known Al for over 12 years. What separates him is his willingness to listen to the client. Al leaves preconceived notions at the door, asks the client what they need and develops creative that addresses it. He does not push through his own ideas without ensuring that they meet the needs of the client. Respecting the client while providing originality is a great skill in the creative industry.”

Bill Johnston
President, Johnston Automotive Group

“Al is a master of storytelling and has the ability to bring brands to life through compelling narratives. He is a keen observer of human nature and always finds the insights and truths that lead to great pieces of communication that resonate on an emotional level with consumers.”

Bill Newbery
VP Creative Director, Innocean Worldwide

“Whether it’s writing for financial services, telco, fast food or a soft drink targeted to young professional women, Al can adapt seamlessly to them all. That’s because he approaches everything strategically first and then applies his talent as a writer second. He’s smart, funny and passionate about his craft.”

Gerald Schoenhoff
Chief Creative Officer
Crew Food and Beverage Marketing Partners

“Al taught me that good advertising is about emotion. The work he did for Prince Edward Island tourism stands out from other tourism advertising because of that philosophy. His ability to take complex ideas and turn them into emotive and compelling advertising is why he is one of the best in the business. Talk to him- better yet, hire him- you won’t regret it! And I guarantee a few laughs along the way.”

Rob McCloskey
Former Director General, Tourism Atlantic

“Al is a workhorse, a guy with a thousand ideas, each of them as sound as the next. A fountainhead of human, insight-driven, right-on -brief inspirations. A terrific weapon when you have a deadline or need to get reinforcements. Need an idea? Here are 10, take your pick. That’s Al.”

Darcy Maloney
Creative Director

“Al is, what can I say… always the hardest worker in the room. When you add the talent, drive and passion… it’s an amazing combination. Al is a pleasure to work with because he brings humour, creativity, new ideas and intensity to every project. I would recommend Al in a second and be proud for the recommendation… Al is the real thing!!!”

Tom Thorney
Bacopa Productions Inc.

“Al is an amazing writer who – as he has been in advertising – knows how to capture public imagination, and – as he is also a deep thinker and a keen observer – is capable of dramatizing social conflicts and human truths.”

Dr. Hoi F. Cheu
Full Professor of English Literature, Media and Writing
Laurentian University

“In ‘Cracks’, Al’s ingrained humanity shines through with his incredibly rich cast of characters. Even when his penmanship and creativity was put to use crafting commercials, Al always ensured the concepts and people rang true. Good to see he’s using his powers now for Good, not…”

Doug Lowe
Executive Producer
Noble Films


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